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Tips to Purchase a New Washing Machine

By: Andrew Wilson | Sep 20, 2011 10:25 AM

Washing machines are the best friends one can always depend on to manage the laundry with care and cleanliness. With innumerable appliances that ensure the best performance selecting the right one is quite a daunting task. The main types of washing machines available in the markets are front-loading ones, top loaders, stackable ones, compact and portable designs. With the demands of the consumers ranging these designs cater to their needs. The front loading washing machines often have bad odour related to it as the water does not drain off fully after use. It can be taken care of by adding a component with each wash. These designs though high on performance however is not recommended for people with back pains and joint problems as the porthole is too low and bending is inevitable. These model washing machines are sold with storage compartment that can be installed under the washing machine to lift it up for easier loading. The front loading washing machines are apt for the petite consumers as loading and unloading is easier unlike the top loading ones. The people of under-average height will find it tough to deal with clothes at the bottom, in the top loading washing machines. The full sized washing machines are ideal for homes with larger areas. The compact set with separate washer and dryer or stackable washer and dryers can be installed easily in those areas like unused closets, corner of the kitchen or bathrooms. Compact but separate washers and dryers are for washing and drying larger loads of laundry while the washer dryer combination is compact but can manage only smaller loads, generally limited up to a maximum of 7 kg. One can decide on the right appliance or washing machine based on the needs, requirements, space designated for its installation and budget. Always depend on the renowned brands for the machine’s durability and lesser energy and power consumption as it offers the best value for price.




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