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Tips to reduce the noise and heat of laptops

By: Evabarnet | Sep 15, 2011 08:07 AM

When you purchase a new laptop, you will be quiet impressed with its quite operation. Over time, your quiet laptop will start making unpleasant noises. The noises which seemed bearable would become intolerable forcing you to take effective measures. The main reason for the noise is the accumulation of dusts inside the laptop. Since, all the parts and components of the laptop are packed compactly and tightly, dirt and dust inside the laptop brings more trouble and noise. Laptops tend to suck up dusts quickly and therefore you should always keep the laptop and its surroundings clean. Cooling fan of the laptops runs constantly and at great speed when it collects more dust thereby increasing the sound of the device. The laptops get overheated quickly and it could ruin the performance of the device. With few simple steps and precautions, laptop users can reduce the noise and heat of the laptops. To fix the noise users will require a small screwdriver and an air compressor. After shutting down the laptops and unplugging the AC adaptor, remove the battery of the laptop. Flip it over and search for the air vent on the outer edge of the laptop. Using the screw driver, unscrew the panel and remove it. Underneath the panel a fan is positioned. The fan must have accumulated lots of dust which needs to be cleaned and removed. In the direction of the air vent you can blow off the dust. You can remove the dust by using an air compressor too. However, you should be very carefully while using the air compressor as high pressure from the unit can damage the device. Keep the pressure very low and do not take the nozzle close to the device. After you have finished the cleaning, replace the panel and battery. You will note significant different in the sound of the laptops. Without doubt, your laptop will perform quieter than before. This cleaning should be done for laptops that are one or two years old.




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