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Toby Carvery, Burnt Mill, Harlow

By: Rex Inego | Apr 02, 2006 05:37 PM

Food served all day
Just under ?8 for an adult carvery, just over ?4 for a child.
No reservation needed, just turn up, they put your name down and call you when a table is avaliable. They also told us estimated waiting time.

Pros: 3/4 hour estimated waiting time ended up as thirty minutes. Food was hot and cooked to perfection Plates are large and even though you can get seconds of everything apart from meat, there was no need. The childrens size plate and meat portion was enough, and the two childrens ice creams bought for after were as big as an adult portion you would get in another resturant. Toilets were upstairs and clean, disabled/baby change toilet was downstairs.

cons: The bar area was very hot, and even though it was a spring day, at 4pm it wasnt that warm out (quite windy) People were smoking in the bar area which wasnt too bad but it made it even more stuffy. The ashtrays were quite full. Kids got bored with waiting in a crowded bar but this would be rectified next time with the gameboys ! Being sunday it was packed.

conclusion: Brilliant Excellent value, wonderfull food, we will come here again, but maybe not on a busy sunday.

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