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Toni & Guy, Cascades Centre, Portsmouth

By: Rex Inego | Jan 13, 2006 03:58 PM

As a student living in an area where I am unfamiliar with the local haidressers I was a little apprehensive in finding one that wouldn't ruin my hair! I eventually chose Toni & Guy because it was a name that I trusted and because of its positive worldwide reputation.

The price stated includes half head of highlights, cut and blow-dry with a mid level colour technician and stylist.

Pros: - Good lengthy consultation, the stylist and colourist listened to exactly what I wanted and then gave their expert opinions. - I felt in safe hands with the stylist - I wasn't afraid that she would cut too much off or get the colour the wrong shade of blonde. - Offered water, tea and coffee to drink. - High quality colour, cut and products used on my hair. - They didn't try and sell me any products like some salons try to do! - A wide selection of up-to-date magazines to read. - Plasma screens are dotted round the salon with the latest music videos to watch.

cons: - Expensive prices - although for top quality hairdressing I don't think this is much of an issue. - After being there over two hours I was only offered one drink (as I arrived at the salon). (I don't like to ask for another one!). - The appointment didn't start on time, it was around 10 minutes late. - The staff weren't particularly friendly. The colourist spoke to me a few times but the stylist didn't strike up any kind of conversation other than what I wanted doing with my hair and how I normally treat it. - There were a lot of Junior staff that seemed to be wandering around the salon without much to do except style eachothers hair for their night out (perhaps it was that Friday afternoon feeling!).

conclusion: I loved the cut and colour but the staff weren't particularly friendly and helpful. However I would recommend the salons as the quality of my cut/colour was excellent and every single salon has different staff.

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