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Toni & Guy, Cascades Centre, Portsmouth

By: Rex Inego | Feb 13, 2007 04:52 PM

I have a very talented hair stylist friend, and he was always telling me about Tony & Guy, so I managed to save up (quite pricy) and eventually got a hair cut.

Pros: I was aknowledged quickly after I arrived and soon after I was asked to take a sit, someone came for my coat. The hairstylist took the time the really get what I wanted, I was explicitly letting her doing what she would see fit for the finish and texturing.

cons: I wasn't offered a drink or anything, but it doesn't matter since I don't go to a hair salon for that! They were running late when I arrived so I had to wait for quite a while. The hair stylist didn't make any kind of conversation other than during the consultation, so she remained silent all the rest of the time. The person who shampooed my hair didn't say a word I didn't even saw their face! The stylist had good manners and when she finished she made sure I was happy with my cut. She lead me to the register and said goodbye. At the register the girl had quite a strong accent, probably from Pompey!, and I couldn't quite make out what she was asking, so I politely told her I didn't understand and if she could repeat, but all she did is saying it even faster with a stronger accent. In the end she just gave me a smile saying it doesn't matter. The weird thing is that I could understand anything else she said!

conclusion: Well I was happy with the cut, although I was expecting something a bit more specially, having heard so much from my friend about Tony & Guy! It is a bit pricy but well the service is good. The major minus would be that the staff is not so friendly, they seem too busy gossiping among themselves to make time for the customer.

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