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Tony Hawk's Proving Ground (PS3)

By: Rex Inego | Mar 02, 2009 09:43 AM

Here comes the dapper Tony Hawks with a new make-over. Proving Ground gives you the reigns right from the start. It is a consummate skating game that gives you the best possible skating experience. This is a world where you will never run out of things to do. With the onus on scoring points, take your skating board anywhere you wish, pull of tricks, and do what ever it takes, for all you need to do is earn points. Here, cities are not just lifeless virtual masses. They have vehicles and pedestrians moving about them, and the fun part is, there are other skaters too! Start a fight with a gang of locals, nettle police officers and also run over people for no reason.

In the single player mode you can create a skater of your choice and make him what you want him to be - a hardcore skater, a career skater or a rigger. Each of these is so unique, right from their appearance to the tricks they execute. In ripped clothes and an aggressive attitude, the hardcore skater's life is one of rough-and-tumble and extreme, aggressive skating. The career skater has his mind on sponsorship and signature equipment and makes all the clean moves. The ripper is one crazy dude, who pushes you to your limits. The game has an improvised story line, and several interesting modes like 'Skate Lounge' and 'Build a skate park'. Proving Ground also enables you to create Epic skate videos. Show-off your best tricks to your friends, by recording your antiques for about a minute and edit them using the video editor.

Proving Ground requires a has three difficulty settings to choose from, such as Amateur, Pro and Sick. There is also Nail a trick option when grinding lending everything in slow-motion. The tougher the trick, the more points you are awarded, though it does take a bit of practice to master them. Skate across the three cities namely, Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia, that are interconnected. But then, this isn't all that easy, you'll just have to play the game to find out. These cities house Chalk Challenges and also a juicy set of Classic Challenges, all waiting for you to take them on.

As you advance further into the game, grinding on rails and traveling across bridges and subways, you discover that there are several areas waiting to be unlocked and an entire city load of tricks to accomplish! There are loads of new moves like Skate Checking and the turbo boosting Aggro Kick, Nail the Manual and Nail the Grab. Learn tricks from your favourite skateboarding stars. The graphics will do well with an uplift, for it is looks tawdry, especially in the Nail a trick modes. Unleash your ultimate skating fantasies, fly high with your skate board and do things you never could in real life, to hell with the laws of gravity!

Pros: New recording feature Online Multiplayer A good variety of Customization Unexampled control to players

cons: Shoddy graphics Glitches during bailing Cumbersome nailing controls

conclusion: Tony Hawk's Proving Ground does give you the ultimate skating experience, if you are open to over-look a few glitches in the animation. But hey, don't let the bad looks deceive you!

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