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Top Class HP Laptops For Women

By: Andrew Wilson | Sep 16, 2011 10:03 AM

Once upon a time, it was the desktop computer that was a necessity than a luxury. But so much has changed in the world and technology has advanced so fantastically that today the laptop that has replaced desktops and is practically carried around by both sexes so that no matter where they are they are able to get their work done. Given below are some of the laptops that are specifically meant for the women folk, created by top class companies like Intel and HP with the needs of the female gender in mind. HP Perfume has been manufactured especially for women. The specialty of this device is that the laptop is able to produce any type of aroma from the Internet. The woman can take her pick of what fragrance she likes and download it from the Internet. Next is HP Chameleon and just like a chameleon this laptop can change colours. It is equipped with two cameras that can scan the colour of the dress that the woman has adorned and change its outer covering to suit that. Another laptop designed with a woman in mind is the†HP Fitness. This is one laptop that helps ladies who are extremely conscious of their weight and shape to keep fit. This device is fitted with a calculator in the back that allows the ladies to determine how much nutrition they have in their food intake and decrease or increase it accordingly. For those women who have had a penchant for dressing and making up, Hewlett Packard has now come out with HP Make-Up. Believe it or not this laptop comes fitted with not just a large screen mirror, but also with nail printing facilities. Isnít that just fantastic? HP Mama is one of those laptops meant for kids. Generally laptops are devices that need care when handling, however this special laptop for kids is not only water resistant but is indestructible too. The manufacturers have ensured that this is one piece of equipment that can be safely handed over for the kids to do their work. You also have HP Eco which as the name suggests an environment friendly device that has some extremely attractive facilities one of which is the cells that are charged by solar energy. It also has a bar code scanner and other very nice features. It also contains a blood pressure apparatus which is in the form of a bracelet and it helps you check your pulse rate too. Have you ever heard of a laptop that does not require a big bag to carry it along? Well HP has designed HP Nobag for those women who hate carrying around their laptops in bulky bags. The great thing about HP Nobag is that the monitor and the keyboard are created out of sheer glass such that it can be folded when necessary. The net result - You just have a rolled up laptop that can be carried around without a bag? All these have been created for all those lovely women out there in the world, however when you plan to buy one of these devices it would be in your best interest to get to know what it entails a before you settle for it.




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