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Toro 22187 TE 53cm Commercial Lawn Mower

By: Evabarnet | Jun 05, 2011 03:47 AM

The lawns that have always added to the chic element outdoors can be maintained without any strain, aches, pains or excess time and energy consumption with the Toro 22187 TE 53cm Commercial Lawn Mower. Ideal for larger spaces this self propelled mower with cutting width of 53 cm helps complete the mowing superbly within limited time. The powerful Kawasaki FJ180V KAI commercial engine, recoil start method and transmission of 3 speed rear wheel drive heighten the viability of it for consistent performance. This lawnmower has ground speed ranging from 3.2 – 6.7 km. Designed for 100% satisfaction this Toro product has die-cast aluminium deck of ¼ inches and a crankshaft with 25 mm diameter and steel protector. Stylish, powerful and easier to manoeuvre over all types of surfaces it is equipped with radial style semi pneumatic rubber tyres for convenience. The well thought of facilities like fuel tank of 3.8 litres; grass collector of 2.5 bushels; forced lubrication and wheels with ball bearings help in continuous mowing without frequent breaks, hence time and energy saved are commendable. The blade tip has speed of 18,000 plus feet per minute. In sync with the changing demands and requirements it has two- in-one recycler technology for recycling, mulching and fast emptying, while replenishing the lawns. Toro 22187 TE 53cm Commercial Self propelled Lawn Mower with rugged 25 mm crankshaft and steel crankshaft protector is offered with 2 years warranty. It has 3 speed self propelled rear wheel drive with an array of speeds ranging from 1 mph at first gear; 3 mph at second gear and 4.2 mph at third gear. Certified by the CARB, EPA and ANSI this lawn mower is the best by all standards!

General Info
Brand Toro
Model Toro 22187 TE 53cm Commercial Lawn Mower
Engine Kawasaki® FJ180V KAI Commercial
Type Self propelled
Power source Petrol
Ground speed 3.2 – 6.7 km
Cutting Width 53 cm
Blade tip speed 18,000 plus ft / minute
Fuel tank capacity 3.8 litres
Dry weight capacity 2.5 bushels
Ball bearing wheels Yes
Mulcher system Yes




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