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Torque Fitness F5 Fold Away Strength Trainer

By: Rex Inego | Jun 19, 2009 09:35 AM

A perfect strength trainer that combines optimal time saving full body workouts with implausible space efficiency, Torque Fitness F5 Fold Away Strength Trainer is equipped with 2-position internally mounted dual adjustable swivel pulley columns.

Weighing 370 kg, it need not be fixed on to the wall for stability. The whole exercise equipment can be folded into package with latching doors and with elevated latches; it prevents the kids from tampering it. Requiring only 3.7 x 3.7 foot space for installation and over 150 exercise options that equals 4.2 exercises per square foot, it is the best dependable strength trainer available.

Easier pulley alignment with 17 vertical columns and holes is ensured to put up natural body movements. The swivel pulley plates are reinforced to provide constant 90 degrees angle. Dual adjustable swivel pulleys are 2:1 resistance ration when used independently providing finer resistance increments.

The easy pull pin locking mechanism locks bench in both horizontal and when in folded position to save space. With open platform for standing, its self supported exercise movements optimise multiple muscle group movements while the folding option provides platform for standing up exercises.

The weight of steel plates is 200 lbs and with plate bushings with flange to produce sound dampening barrier between the plates, it can easily withstand rigorous usage without deformation. The weight selector pin is flat to prevent pivoting and magnetized to adhere to the selected plate when in use. The solid steel ensures smooth true tracking of the weight stack.

Designed for unlimited exercise variety, it has commercial grade steel shrouds to provide a sleek and aesthetic appearance while minimising exposure to moving parts. With closed dimensions of (H) 212 cm x (W) 107 cm x (L) 107 cm; open dimensions of (H) 212 cm x (W) 18, it has standard attachments for short, fixed length D-handle strap, lat bar, ankle strap, 2 universal adapters and snap hooks for total workout of the muscles and joints.

Pros: Compact yet powerful, it is the best reliable home gym and you can easily find a corner to tuck in this exercise equipment.

cons: Too big and some may find it a tad boring.

conclusion: Great for aerobic workouts and training the whole joints plus muscles, it is compactly designed with immense care and the best materials to provide superb price to performance values making it the best reliable strength trainer.

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