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Tretorn Micro X Tennis Balls

By: Rex Inego | May 28, 2009 05:44 AM

The pressure less tennis balls that hardly loose their bounce and need to be replaced after almost two years; Tretorn Micro X Tennis Balls has 700 million balloons like micro cells that never leak inside.

With patented leak proof design, it lasts for extended periods without losing its bounce and requires no change in playability time after hours. Perfect for frivolous play, teaching carts and tennis ball machines, these sleeves of 3 balls is favoured amid tennis coaches, schools, tennis clubs and recreational players!

Pros: Designed with the latest in technology, it lasts longer without doubt even after rigorous usage- 5 times longer!

cons: Packing in transit is not worth mentioning.

conclusion: A well thought of design with innovative technology to ensure hours of non-stop fun and games without compromising on the quality and lessening the bounce of the balls.

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