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Trixter X400 Cycle Junior Model

By: Andrew Wilson | Jul 19, 2011 07:27 AM

Weighing about 49kg, this 6 x 66 x 93cm new generation, durable total-body studio cycle offers a great cycling experience that ensures that the upper body along with all the muscles of the leg and the cardiovascular system are well exercised. This indoor equipment that can hold a maximum weight of 114kg can be used in health clubs and at home. 

This X-bike is the only one that comes fitted with the manufacturer’s patented X-Bar handlebar system that permits the rider exercise his whole body. The freewheeling drive train allows the exerciser to coast along safely too and the Grip-shifter with 32 positions allows for easy pedalling. 

The extremely strong aluminium cranks are fixed in the ISIS bottom bracket. It features a micro-adjustable rider compartment for perfect fit and comfortable riding experience. It is also fitted with the two-way SPD/toe clip pedal system and the ‘VeloPlush’ saddle for comfortable seating and has 7 levels for upper body training and 32 levels for the lower body resistance. 

The warranty for the frame is three years and one year for the parts

Pros: Offers excellent online experience and you can access the site without difficulty. Though meant for indoors this bike gives you the feel of having been out of doors.

cons: May find it a little tough to assemble in the beginning

conclusion: An indoor bike that offers outdoor experience and is one exerciser that everything that a cycle can give.

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