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Trojan Naturalamb Non Latex Condoms

By: Chris Kevin | Sep 21, 2011 05:26 AM

Trojan is a trusted brand offering high quality condoms to ensure a safe sex life to its customers. Their Trojan Naturalamb Non Latex Condoms is innovatively designed, shapes and structured to give its users ultimate pleasure in sex. It makes you feel elevated during those wonderful moments. The non latex condoms from Trojan offer a safe and well protected sex. 


Pros: This latex-free condom is designed in such a way that it enhances sensitivity. Unique sensitivity is possible with its natural membrane cover. To assure complete peace of mind, each of the condoms is undergone careful scrutiny and testing. Individual packing of the condoms allows easy carrying and use. As a safety measure, you can carry it when you are on your date or going for vacations. Unique lubricant is used on these condoms that provide the desired comfort, pleasure and gratification. What makes their condoms even secure is the Kling-Tite draw string provided at the base.

cons: None

conclusion: This means you can have sex without any tensions or worries. This large condom has an overall length of 203.2 mm. The pack contains 12 condoms each costing £2.42. This is definitely a value pack, ideal for sexually active people.

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