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By: Rex Inego | Oct 27, 2004 09:35 PM

We used Tully's to find ourselves a student property this year, and while they are quick to assist you finding a house, they are an absolute nightmare once you've signed on for the house! BE WARNED!

Pros: Tully's is a popular choice for students, due to the number of student property's they let out, so if you goto Tullys then you know you have a lot of choice.

cons: Once you're signed up for a house, Tully's doesn't wanna know you anymore, and are slow dealing with requests, and they lie to you! Just a few examples: Our Oven was broken (AND STILL IS!) and after ringing Tully's to ask them to arrange someone to come and fix it, they did actually send someone round quite quickly. However, after the electrician came and 'fixed' it, we found that the FAN on the oven wasn't working, meaning that any food you put in the oven, just won't cook! Well two weeks ago we rang them, and they said they would send someone out. A week later and nobody had been, so I called them to ask why, and was told that ''An electrician has already been sent out with a master key and come and fixed it''. None of us had tried using the oven because we had seen no electrician in the house, and no note was left to say someone had been to fix it, but the oven was fixed! so i thought... So after getting home and turning it on, I found that the fan, suprise suprise, still didnt turn on! So why had Tully's told us that someone had been round and fixed it? We've rung them again, and they say the usual: ''we'll print a note off and arrange someone to come round'' - so still we have no working oven. Thats just one problem we've had with them. Lets start with staff - now i don't like to pick on staff, but there are some really rude people working at Tully's. Mainly there's one woman who won't give you the time of day. In fact when we were actually at Tully's to ask them about a few bits we needed to know, she walked out of the building to goto lunch, talking to us as she walked out the door to goto the chip shop! Again, Tully's tell the ocassional lie. For example, we had a written letter from the Landlord, saying that ''If any student does not wish to keep certain items of furniture in their bedroom, we will happily allow you to store the furniture in the locked spare room''. GREAT, seeing as one of the housemates here needed to store a cabinet in the spare room to make enough room for her own furniture! Well when we rang Tully's, and eventually went in there to ask them for the key to the locked room so that we could move the cabinet in there, the same RUDE woman from before smuggley looked down on us and said ''The Landlord don't want you moving the furniture!'' - which was another lie because we'd already been given a letter from the landlord saying we COULD move the furniture! I really DO NOT recommend going with Tullys if you think that you might need their assistance once you have agreed to rent a property, especially if you are a student because it's crystal clear that they look down on Students and don't take them seriously! I mean, the number of times we've been told ''We'll call you back about it'' and then NEVER recieved a call back at all, shows their lack of customer care. Another complaint I have about them is the way they treat you like an idiot. For example, one of the upstairs windows on the front of the house has a large crack down it, therefore allowing air into the room, making an already cold house even worse. When we rang about that, the person on the other end said ''How big is the crack?'' and when my housemate said, big enough to see from outside the house, it runs halfway down the window, the person on the other end simply said ''You mean you haven't even looked from the inside?!''. I got the same treatment when ringing regarding the oven not working. I rang and told them how the fan wasn't working, and food just isn't cooking in there, and that I tried baking a potatoe, which took 3 hours in the oven on full heat, and was STILL solid on one side! To this, the woman on the other end of the phone sighed and said ''Can't you give a better example than that?''. The potatoe was a fine example, and seeing as that was the first meal I tried to make, i didn't have any other examples because I already knew the oven didn't work, so didn't attempt to cook anything else.

conclusion: I WARN YOU NOW! Do not rent a property with Tully's, especially students! They lie to you, and don't take any notice of your reasonable requests! Apart from that, they treat you with no respect and are incredibly rude to you. Our oven was broken when we moved in, and it still is. This is something Tully's are supposed to sort out, but they just don't even bother, and again, they lie! I rate them 3 out of 10, only because they have a lot of student houses to let.

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