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Tully & Co Estate Agent

By: Rex Inego | Aug 04, 2005 03:54 PM

This is a follow-up to my previous review of Tully and Co.


After waiting to hear from Tully's about getting the deposit back on an immaculate house (we were very responsible tennants) it appears they took over ?20 from EACH of us because the garden wasn't kept clean and tidy. When we moved in the garden was a complete jungle and a gardener did come and sort it out... but what are they expecting from us? To go out there with a pair of scissors and cut the grass?! They didn't provide any gardening tools... They didn't even provide us with a working hoover - or even an oven for the first month of our tennancy (see previous review).

On top of that they seem to have lied over and over again. I had a phone call to question the garden and some apparently missing plates and saucers, as well as a broken head-board on a bed after they inspected the house, all of which I had explained (The head board was already broken when we moved in, we had no tools to keep the garden clean and we all took our own plates and saucers for the year and none of us can recall ever seeing any when we first moved in).

About a week or so later we had heard nothing, so i gave them a call to chase up the deposits and was told that they were still waiting for the inspection report - which they must have already had if they knew about the things listed above.

We had to chase it up again a week later when apparently they didn't know how much the deposits were even for.

Pros: N/a

cons: Even after being praised many times by the staff who carried out 3 inspections throughout the year for having such an immaculate student property, we were still expecting them to throw anything at us to try and take away our deposits of ?270 each. They had the nerve to take ?21 from each of us to pay a gardener to sort out our garden once we'd left. What WILL they do if we send in all the reciepts and demand repayment for all the takeaways we HAD to eat all month for breakfast, lunch and tea because they couldn't sort us out with a working oven for our first month of tennancy.

conclusion: I cannot warn you enough - If you are a student do NOT go with tully's, even if you think you can keep the house immaculate all year (as we did), they will do everything they can to keep your deposits, and are generally just a useless company. I'm sure we would be able to take them to court and win for their malpractices.

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