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Tully & Co Estate Agent

By: Rex Inego | Aug 11, 2005 08:06 PM

I too have been a victim of Tully's horrible service. In my second year of uni we went with Tully's as it's where most students go.

Although we weren't perfect tennants the house was already below par and I honestly believe we left it in the condition it was in when we moved in.

Pros: Lots of houses to chose from, though most are well below average. I know someone who even had slugs in his room.

cons: Pretty unhelpful staff, they never come back to you in the said time. Higher than average deposits - lets face it, you are likely to lose part of it too as it seems the people below have, as well as a couple of my mates.

conclusion: I know plenty of people who got much better houses than me elsewhere, such as the houses the Union has on file. Also I recommend getting a house from ads found in the window of the uni shop, Balfour as these are usually privately rented and you therefore get treated like a real person unlike at Tully & co

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