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Tully & Co Estate Agent

By: Rex Inego | Sep 08, 2005 08:11 PM

I used Tully in first year of uni

Pros: NONE ever

cons: Tully & Co were disgustingly helpful in the payments of deposit because I didn't have enough, so I paid in installments. But after they got the cash, we never heard from them. NOW I have left, my housemates and I are being charged ?127 for 'missing items' from an 'oral inventory', well if I didn't sign it I ain't paying! we even left New tall shelves, a TV, a coffee table and a bookshelf, so we should charge them. Also we had to pay ?25 for collection of 'rubbish' and we have to pay cleaning of the carpet, ?70, PLUS ?15 for electric for them to CLEAN?? but they didn't give us a hoover for the WHOLE year. On top of that, they are charging us ?5 a day that we do not pay, which has mounted to ?500 so far. Wish me luck because they are taking me to court.

conclusion: Believe me DO NOT RENT FROM TULLY & CO.

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