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By: Rex Inego | Mar 03, 2006 01:54 PM

Like most 2nd year students, we also used Tully's to find accomodation as they are well known. Tullys assured us that the house, in a dubious condition at the time, would be refurbished prior to our arrival at the start of term......


cons: We arrived at the house to find that Tully's idea of, ''Refurbishment,'' was nothing more that a coat of paint to cover the areas of mildew, damp, and mould growing on the walls. Within a week we found that the lounge furniture was infested with mice, our fence blew onto the back door meaning we couldnt put our rubbish outside. The toilet was not connected to the floor. The bath room ceiling leaks, the toilet leaks, the wooden bath casing is mouldy, there are slugs in the bathroom. In the bedrooms upstairs you can hear the mice scurrying in the walls! My room, has one entire wall of paint peeling off, aswell as mildew growing. The single glazed windows are not sealed properly, in any of the rooms, with HUGE holes around them, and in one case the entire wall is coming away with it!!! Whenever next door leave their house the window almost falls out. All of the ceilings have cracks spreading across them from the leaking roof. Despite several requests to Tullys, and to the Portsmouth Council, there has been no action. A glowing report from Tully's on the state of our house has also had no effect on the attitude of a certain manager, just back from 5 weeks in Australia. Also now, we are being bombarded with complaints about the noise levels we make, which seems a little suspicious, as the, ''Neighbour,'' seemed to know that we were with Tully's before they went to the council, and also seemed to think that we were playing music into the night on a weekend that the entire house was empty as we had all returned home. To all students out there, Tully's will stop at nothing to take your money and paint you in a bad light. DON'T GIVE THEM YOUR CUSTOM.

conclusion: I am only giving Tully's a score of one, as the website doesnt allow me to give them zero

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