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By: Rex Inego | Mar 01, 2007 06:29 PM

I am a Masters degree student at the uni,and I am very suprised too see what has been written about Tully & Co. I have lived with them for five years and I haven't seen any of the sort of problems mentioned in these previous reviews.

Pros: I have found them a very professional company to deal with. When I have called in with maintenance problems I have found them to respond in reasonable time. I have found them very nice people to deal with.

cons: I admit I have had some frustrating times trying to resolve matters, but that is not down to Tully & Co soley, it was mainly down to the Landlord's slow response.

conclusion: I don't think these comments have been fair, as students are also at fault for not cleaning and not living up to there responsibilty, I know this as I have lived with numerous students over my five years at the uni.I believe the comments that have been shared on this site are from those mentioned above.

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