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By: Rex Inego | May 10, 2007 10:42 AM

What can I say about tullys? They give absolutly no care to their student customers, who make up for a large proportion of their custom.
They're a lazy, rude, money grabbing company. And I WOULD NOT reccommend anyone to rent from them.
I also, (to top it off) have a rubbish landlady. She said when I moved in over the summer that she would sort out the broken, collapsed garden fencing and install an extractor fan in the bathroom within the first two months. This was not the case, and after numerous phone calls and visits to tullys, nothing was done.

We never got out contract sent to us, when I asked them, they answer with a 'puzzled, I dont know my job' face. I persisted and after THREE employees joined together to look for it they found it, not signed or dated.

We're now towards the end of our contract, and the housing list has been put up. No one has come to look at the house, (I'm hoping it's because of their disgusting reputation) and Tullys believe it has something to do with it's condition. I live with two girls, and the house is immaculate.

Tullys employees just turn up, let themselves into the house whenever they want. EVEN though we are supposed to get notice- this never happens!

The landlord lets herself into the house, after I agreed a time for her to come round, she was an hour and a half late, I had to go out, and I later find out, shes come round and let herself in, SPECIFICALLY after I told tullys I didnt want her to come in if no one was in.

Now the repairs and decorating are being done for the next awaiting tennants, which annoys me, as nothing was ever done for us.

If you want a chance to get your voice heard, then ask to speak to the manager.

Pros: Seriouisly struggling to think of a viable good point.... I genuinely cannot think of one.

cons: Poor attention/care towards students. Useless, rude, ignorant employees. Extremely poor communication between each other, as well as to students. Lack of care. Collection of poor landlords.

conclusion: DO NOT RENT FROM TULLYS. They are not worth the contant hassel, phone calls, visits for a replacement light bulb fitting or whatevr the job in hand is. Wait for the uni housing list, who only accept Landlords from the official landlords list. They need to learn that us students need to be heard. And cannot carry on treating us with no respect.

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