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By: Rex Inego | May 11, 2007 01:56 AM

I rented a property from Tullys along with my sister & our friend for a contract of 6 months...we all ended up leaving the property before this period was over as we could not stand to live in such squalor!

The kitchen (which had a sloping floor, faulty oven & woodlice in the cupboards) had no radiator or form of heating whatsoever ...
As did the bathroom which resulted in mould forming within 2 weeks of living there. It also looked as if previous mildew/mould had been diguised with paint.

We were told by Tullys that we should air the property frequently & although we did this (as much as we could stand during the winter) mould began to grow along the walls of my housemates BEDROOMS!

Tullys did NOTHING to remedy this.

Our fence blew down in the strong winds we had at the beginning of the year, blocking the footpath. Tullys did nothing until I gave the council their number, & even then all they did was prop it up with a piece of wood!
They also seemed to blame us & didnt think it could have anything to do with the 90 mph gale force winds we had that week!

In the end, we were forced to move due to my sister, our housemate & I having constant colds & flu. I was also told by a doctor that if we had stayed any longer, we could have contracted pneumonia.

Although we left the property early, we left it in a slightly better condition as when we'd moved in, by replacing the mouldy sofa with a newer one & giving the place a fresh lick of paint......surprise surprise..we didnt get our deposits back!

Pros: Absolutely NO good points

cons: Everything...We couldnt wait to get out of the place.

conclusion: I advise no-one (students or non-students) to rent from this ''company'' I also think Tullys should be taken to court, as there seem to be numerous ex tenants unhappy with their treatment Im only rating as 5 as there is no lower rating!

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