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By: Rex Inego | May 23, 2007 06:27 PM

DONT EVER CONSIDER TULLYS! DONT GIVE THEM MORE THAN 5%, JUST BECAUSE THEY HAVE LOTS OF PROPERTIES DOESNT MAKE THEM ANY BETTER. that is a ridiculous reason for giving more, as it doesnt outweigh the sheer incompetant unprofessional shambles they call a business.

Pros: Nice large target to throw eggs at.

cons: I could go on forever. first i want to make one big point, they lie and are the most untrustworthy business i have dealt with, we had a letter from them when we were in our previous property saying that the landlord of our next property wanted an extra 100 towards the deposit, as the landlord at the time didnt like the way we treated the house, and that the next landlord wanted extra deposit. we didnt pay it, on meeting the new landlord, we asked him about the ã100 he demanded, he said he hadnt asked for this and wasnt aware that this letter had been sent, i reckon he was telling the truth, because if we hadnt have given the money he would have questioned us about it... Bad communication, rude, never get the job done quickly - as they promised me when i first asked before signing a contract, incredibly difficult to deal with as they never want to listen to what you have to say, havent done an inventory for either of our properties with them, oral is all well and good, but come on you need proof, especially with our current property, as we know for a fact it was never inspected when the previous tenants left, or when we entered, no safety certificates for gas etc, same as someone had already said, tullys idea of tidying the hous eup (messy white walls, stained carpets and sofas, and over grown garden) was to do bugger all. for their promptness of service, they fail miserably again. We first told them of a leak in the bathroom (from flat roof). ok it will be sorted i was told. nothing happened for 2 weeks, went in again, informed them again, and again a week later, and then again about 2 weeks after that. by the end of march 07 (6 MONTHS after first imforming them) the ceiling and actually collapsed in. what was left of the ceiling we propped with a broom. it then took a futher 6 weeks to get someone into the house to fix the problem. so what was simply a job to cure the leak, turned into a much bigger job, and ultimately unnecessary inconvenience for us. Tully are supposed members of ARLA and NALS, due to this association, when there are charges to be made at the end of a tenancy (ie the tennant losing some or all of their deposit), first the landlord, tennant and agency must make sure they are all agreed with the amount. in the case of Tully's they just inform you that the landlord has been given x 100's of pounds, and that we owe them. hilarious. i wouldnt pay it because i didnt agree with the list of problem the landlord had with the way we left the property. even if this list had been fair, the cost he was claiming was probably triple what i would have expected. So i asked for evidence that the damage had been rectified, and to see invoices for all monies being demanded. i am allowed to do this, as ARLA says. but as tullys had already given the money over, they told me i had to go and deal with the landlord in person to get the money back. haha. no way was this going to happen, they are the agency, therefore i employ them to deal with the landlord on my behalf, and secondly i wasnt stupid enough to hand any money to the landlord (like they had), therefore as far as i was concerned, i hadnt agreed to give the landlord any money, so my deposit was full. My solicitor said that Tullys had dealt with this wrongly and that i was within my rights to ask them to deal with the landlord to resolve this, they still insisted that it wasnt their responsibility. so they never got the money. Threats of court didnt faze me, as i was getting ready to take them to court myself. this never happened as they finally give in with their demands for the money.

conclusion: The only people Tully's get on with are mugs, possibly locals and older people. It confuses me that they have such a large student housing portfolio, but this seems to be the part of their business they neglect the most, possibly because there will always be a new unsuspecting supply... If you dont mind inconvenience in your life, and enjoy dealing with constant problems and incompetant people, and further can stand your ground, by not paying what you deem over the odds (for us that was any extra above rent lol), we never gave in, and threatened them with court action when things were getting unfair, it worked.... but like all things with them...eventually, then by all means go with tullys you'll have fun... DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM, YES THEY HAVE A LARGE SELECTION, BUT ITS A LARGE SELECTION OF OVER PRICED CRAP. as i said to my housemates who stupidly insisted on staying with tullys...

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