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By: Rex Inego | May 23, 2007 11:23 PM

We've used Tully twice, and I'm merely reminded of the old saying ''Fool me once, shame on you; Fool me twice, shame on me''.

Our first property was without a properly working oven/grill for roughly 8 months out of a 10 month tenancy. Our landlord came and went as he pleased, despite Tully's claims of sending letters each time, we received no correspondance referring to this. Our deposit was withheld on Mickey Mouse grounds, the landlord simply sent a list to Tully demanding money, and they happily handed it over with NO final inspection, no inventory, nothing.

Due to this they demanded a top-up of the deposit for the next house that we refused to pay due to the incredibly spurious way in which the previous deposit was taken from us. Any enquiries on this at Tully were met with laughter and derision.

Our current property was incorrectly charged for rent, we spoke with the landlord and we discovered Tully were overcharging us a tenner a month. The contract was full of holes, as confirmed by both the Housing Officer at Portsmouth City Council and an independant solicitor. In fact, the Housing Officer was absolutely stunned at the contract and the totally unreasonable demands Tully were levying on us, and at no point could actually disagree. We have an ''oral inventory'' (something we're not the only ones that seem to have suffered) leaving us scratching our heads at how they're going to do an inspection.

The staff are rude to the point of hanging up on you, totally workshy in terms of sorting maintenance problems out, and only seem to get into gear when money needs to be demanded. They use bully boy tactics of threatening bailiffs and court when you have deposit problems. We in this household threatened to take THEM to court to the extent we sought legal advice and started to seek funds - funnily enough Tullys BACKED DOWN. They've been very quiet since we started the legal ball rolling. Our deposit ''top-up'' has been quietly swept under the table, our rent has been reduced commensurate to the landlords amount and they have tried to avoid dealing with us unless necessary.


Pros: None.

cons: Rude staff Takes ages to get ANYTHING done Bully boy tactics Spurious inspections

conclusion: Totally unacceptable. If I could rate a zero, I would. Don't ever go with these total oxygen thieves.

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