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By: Rex Inego | Jun 21, 2007 08:07 AM

DO NOT get a house from Tullys, they are without a doubt the most incompetant buch of fools myself or my housemates have ever had to deal with.

Our problems started the day we moved in, we had no hot water. We turned the prehistoric boiler on and did our best to figure out how it worked. After a short time we concluded that it was infact broken as water was only luke warm and so the dealings with Tullys began....

After an initial phone call Tullys seemed helpful and sent a gas engineer out with a couple of days. who told us the problem was fixed. After trying to wash up we realised that the problem was not fixed and called Tullys again. The engineer came out again as apparently the bolier needed a full clean out. After this had taken place we discovered that the boiler was still not working. So we called again, the engineer came back out and informed us that he would need a part to fix the boiler. If the bolier needed that part surely he could have told us that in the first place? He asssured us that he would have the part in 2 days and would be back around to install it..... surprise surprise he never came despite numerous calls to Tullys and personal visits. One of which resulted in a rather heated debate with Janice (we named her Janice for comedy value, and have since found out thats actually her real name! She has short hair and glasses and probably has the worst attitude of all people alive!) Janice informed us that we we being unreasonable and rude! I said to Janice ''DON'T YOU THINK THAT IF YOU HAD RENTED A PROPERTY AND YOU HAD NO HOT WATER FOR FOUR MONTHS, (YES FOUR MONTHS!) THAT YOU WOULD BE RATHER UNHAPPY?'' Well quite frankly Janice didn't care. So we wrote them a letter informing them that if they did not seek to resolve the issue within 7 days, we would pursue legal action. In the mean time we had a look at our contract where we discovered the landlords name, so we had a quick look in the phone book we tracked down our landlord. After a short phonecall we discovered that the landlord was horrified that Tullys had not fixed the problem and had even billed the landlord and told him it had been fixed!

Well the landlord was not pleased to say the least and someone came to fix the boiler the very same day.

This was the main issue we had with Tullys but there have been many others. It takes so long to get things done, they don't seem to make a log of your issues then when you ring back they say there is nothing on the system and this seems to happen a lot. They still lie to our landlord as well!
I am worried that we wont get our deposits back even though we have improved on the house by painting all of the bedrooms because the walls were filthy! Our garden is like a jungle, yet we don't have a lawn mower or any gardening tools to enable us to tame it. What do they expect us to do? Cut it with our knives and forks?

For anyone considering letting a house from them DON'T DO IT!

Pros: Absolutely nothing

cons: Rude Staff Incompetant Staff Poor communication between staff members Unwillingness to resolve issues Poor quality houses

conclusion: If I could rate in negatives Tullys would get minus 100%. They definately do not deserve even the lowest rating of 5%

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