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By: Rex Inego | Jun 15, 2007 02:04 PM

Where to start?... Having viewed the property in a less-than-perfect state (hole in kitchen ceiling, hole in wall on landing), Tully's assured us that by the time we moved in this would all be sorted. It wasn't. I arrived on the first day of the tennency to find that not only had the work not been completed, but it was worse - it was absolutely fitlthy, with a BURGER in the toilet, there was no furniture such as beds or desks and the whole house was flea-ridden. A man from Tully's came round and told me that I could go to one of their houses down the road to get a bed, so my mum and I had to carry a bed all the way up the road! We reported that the work which was supposed to be carried out hadn't been, and he assured us that it would be done soon, etc etc, a few months in a guy did come round but you could hardly say it had been fixed. The hole in the wall was stuffed with a plastic carrier bag and papered over, the hole in the kitchen ceiling remained. During the tennancy there were non-stop problems with the house and the staff were most unhelpful, couldn't get through on the phone and even when you did nothing would ever get done, many many phonecalls and even reports of problems made in person went ignored. When it came to moving out, the house was left in much better condition than when we moved in, we cleaned it properly and hoovered etc, so we were most suprised when they kept our depsosits. They claimed this was for cleaning, for the two holes and for clearing the garden (which we had also cut and cleared a matter of days before we moved out). We now know that this is common practise, this is a story I have heard time and time again, of all the people I know who have rented from Tully's I don't know a single person who has ever had their full deposit returned, or has been kept fairly. Here's the worst bit, despite the fact that we should never have been charged for damage that was in the house before we moved in, we were, but the WORK WAS NEVER CARRIED OUT. A work colleague moved into the house after me, and guess what? The holes were still there. Tully's are con-artists, all they are after is your money - they don't care about their houses, they don't care about their tennants - I'd advise everyone to steer well clear.

Pros: There is not a single good thing I could say about this company.

cons: Poor quality houses Rude/ignorant staff Keep deposits unfairly

conclusion: This is by far the worst company I have ever been unfortunate enough to use. Avoid at all costs! 5% is a very generous score for this company and like the other reviews I have only given it 5% as 0 is not availiable.

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