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Tunturi R60 HRC Programmable Rower

By: Andrew Wilson | Jul 19, 2011 07:13 AM


Typically the Tunturi rowers offer excellent and effective means of training more number of muscle groups than their traditional counterparts ensuring smooth and constant motion offers an exclusively effective form of exercising. The Tunturi R60 HRC Programmable Rower gives the rower all that is required for efficient exercising. 

The console model rower with LCD monochrome has a variety of operating options fitted into the hand grip is a pleasure to use. It also features feedbacks regarding time, distance rowed, time per 500m /minute, amount of energy consumed, and heart rate measure. There are 12 programmes packed into it offering the rower a variety to choose from. The ergonomic components like soft seats and remote control in the pull bar are added features.   

Sand gold in colour and weighing 45 Kg, with open dimensions of 197 x 50 x 66 cm and a rail length of 90 cm, the rower can hold a maximum weight of 300 pounds and can be used as domestic equipment. The flywheel weighs 8kg. 

The permanent magnet, servo adjusted brake system is unrivalled with flexible footrests incorporated on to the front cover. It is powered by electricity and the warranty period for the frame is 20 years with five years for the parts and labour. 

Pros: • Ease of use • Heart rate monitor to measure heart rate when rowing. • Comparatively exercises more muscle groups • Can be stowed away after use as it is foldable.

cons: It cannot be used by people who weigh over 135kg

conclusion: This rower is an excellent console model device that can flex many groups of muscles, when compared to the conventional rowers.

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