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Different types of coffee grinders

By: Amelia Janet | Jun 07, 2011 04:46 AM

With coffee grinders you can ground the roasted coffee beans in no time. These coffee grinders functions to suit you individual requirements. It can ground the coffee beans from course to fine or medium. Coffee grinders are available in three different types, Blade Grinders, Burr Grinders and Conical Burr Grinders. The prices of these types of grinders vary significantly. Before purchasing any of these grinders you should know how it functions. Blade grinder In this type of grinder, the coffee beans are smashed and grounded with a blunt metal blade. The blade spins and effective grounds the coffee beans into fine powder. Though, it grounds the coffee beans effectively and in no time, the size of the coffee grounds cannot be controlled. Here, the coffee grounds are called dust and boulders. Since, the size of the coffee grounds cannot be controlled you cannot control the strength of the coffee. The problem with large particles is that it will not offer full flavour unless it is steeped for a long while. On the other hand, the fine particles will high proportion of bitter oils which dissolves slowly in water. Another problem with the blade grinders is that the coffee will taste bitter due to overheating during the high speed grinding process. Burr Grinders In a burr grinder, the featured spinning wheels ground the coffee beans. Since, the wheel spins fast, loud noise is generated. The Burr grinder should be handled with care. You should not open it when it is operating. The whole grinding process can really be a mess sometimes. Unlike, the blade grinders the burr grinders offer consistent coffee ground sizes. Conical Burr Grinders Conical Burr Grinders operates very slowly when compared to other types of grinders. This grinder provides little heat and little clogging of the moving parts. Some of the conical burr grinders have anti-static features which prevents the oily coffee to stick to the mill. Conical Burr Grinders is relatively quiet and ensures mess-free operation. These are the three types of coffee grinders available in the market. However, the type of coffee you want to prepare will determine the type of grinder. For instance, in French Press Coffee Making a blade ground coffee is not suitable as the coffee dust will pass through filter, to the pot making it a bad coffee. All these factors will determine the type of coffee grinder you would want.




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