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By: Amelia Janet | Oct 20, 2011 04:14 AM

The Ultrabook is the trademark of the laptop launched by Intel. It is believed to be the most innovative of technologies yet. The Ultrabook by Intel is an extremely slim, extremely light and a very powerful laptop that can easily be carried around. No matter what they are called practically all laptops have more or less similar hardware configurations. The first Ultrabook to be launched was Appleís MacBook Airs. Typically Intelís Ultrabook is packed with Intelís chips. The present set that are being sent out will have processors i3, i5 and 17 by Sandy Bridge, but by the year end or early quarter of 2012 the processor powering Ultrabook will be Intelís Ivy Bridge that will also help in enhancing the graphics. Intel states that their Ultrabook will merge with the working and the capacity of laptops with features akin to the tablet PC, wherein the major feature of tablets are their slimness and portability. As far as slimness goes Ultrabooks from Intel will not be even an inch in thickness, will not contain optical drives and utilize SSD storage facilities. The battery too is stated to last longer and will start up from sleep mode in a couple of seconds and it will not weigh even 1.4 kg. Intel hopes that the fund they made two months back would assist the makers to hasten the development and production of the Ultrabook and that the funds raised will offer modernization of technology that can set the Ultrabook apart. The Ultrabooks manufactured till now have been from Asus, Acer, Lenova and Toshiba, and Dell and HP are also towing the line. It is believed that the Ultrabooks will be a major hit in the CES in Las Vegas in the January of 2012 with more makers joining the bandwagon. No Ultrabooks are available just now however Ultrabook editions from Asus and Acer are being launched in October while the ones from Lenova and Toshiba will be released for sale the next month. The Ultrabook from HP is slated for release only by end 2012, though Dell will exhibit its 14inch Ultrabook at the CES being held in January 2012. It is not very clear or certain how the Ultrabook will be accepted by the public, but MacBook Airs from Apple is catching on in the market. It can be assumed that laptops like the MacBook Airs sold at lower prices with the same portability functions can also gain the acceptance of the people.




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