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Versace Woman EDP 100ml

By: Chris Kevin | Sep 28, 2011 09:00 AM

Versace Woman EDP 100ml is an excellent pick for women who are in search for a fresh and innovative fragrance. Available online for an incredible price, anyone can order and get it delivered to your home. It’s rich and deep notes is sure to create a long lasting impact. Combining the beauty and charisma of natural ingredients, this perfume becomes a true expression of bold and daring side of woman. 

Pros: It blends together notes of Frangipani Blossoms and leaves with jasmine, bergamot and eglantine to create a enchanting fragrance that will appeal everyone. Featuring both floral notes of Padparadscha Lotus and fruity notes of plum and raspberry, blue cedar of Lebanon, musk, amber and inoke wood, it brings to your powerful, rich and mesmerizing fragrances. The bottle is well shaped and designed with a beautiful cap. The sleek and slender bottle comes with a pinkish shade and is packed inside a carton. This unique smell is captured inside this innovative bottle. Versace Woman comes in a 100ml bottle and offers captivating fragrance till the very last drop. It expresses every woman’s individuality and persona.

cons: None

conclusion: Wear this refreshing fragrance of Versace Woman and be the center of attraction. Get the praise and admiration from men all around you. Make a striking entry amongst the crowd and feel confidence. This fragrance is not pungent but has a mild and tempting fragrance.

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