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Vforce Profiler Mask / Goggles

By: Rex Inego | Apr 17, 2009 05:58 AM

The arsenal of performance paintball eye-wear made to maximise the visual reaction speed, the Vforce Profiler Mask / Goggles ensures safety and comfort.

The high-tech spherical optics aids super fast snap shooting; thermocured non-fog endures continuous play; hard target design results in reduced silhouette and stay in the game; high bounce factor helps in existing a glancing paintball hit with he V-force profiler; Pro-Grille soft centre face ensures high paintball count and V-flector soft forehead panel brings maximum paintball bounce making it a design that can be vouched for.

Pros: The best mask available in the markets, it ensures high security and comfort and super fast maintenance. Complete with optical superiority, enhanced field of vision and anti fog facilities, it is the ultimate in style and power. Ensuring total comfort, this light weight goggles is easy to clean and maintain and the lens too can be cleaned easily.

cons: Almost none

conclusion: Paintball gaming attains new levels with superb comfort, protection and power and it will surely be loved by all the users.

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