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Viewloader VL 200 Gravity Feed

By: Rex Inego | Jul 25, 2004 03:59 PM

This is the cheapest paintball hopper that money can buy, and its simply gravity fed meaning that there is no electronic adjitator to help shuffle to paintballs down the feed neck.

Pros: Cheap to buy, and its very durable. Sleek design, usually comes in Black, so will suit any colour gun. Has a click, tightly fastened lid so you are unlikely to accidently drop and ruin 100 or more paintballs when you have your arm in the air when you are leaving the arena after being shot out. Holds a good number of paintballs (200).

cons: Not a fast feeding hopper, so if you wish to shoot more than 3 balls a second you need something better.

conclusion: Every player should be with one of these if they cannot afford an electric hopper, however if you do have one, then you should keep one of these in case your electro dies on you all of a sudden. If you have your own marker then you really should own an electronic hopper, and for more players I recommend the Viewloader VL Revolution with X Board Inside.

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