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Viewloader VL 200 Gravity Feed

By: Rex Inego | Jul 25, 2004 10:45 PM

I bought this hopper when I bought my new gun from Mayhem Paintball. I was too short of cash to afford an electric hopper at the time, so I had to go for a basic gravity fed hopper.

These are cheap to buy and are worth having in case you need it some day.

Pros: Cheap to buy Holds 200 rounds of paintballs. Doesn't look too bad.

cons: Gravity fed means no electronic adjitator to help feed the balls in quicker, so if you have a fast gun and a fast finger, this hopper will never feed the balls in time, and is likely to cause chops, however these are perfect for us on a basic paintball gun.

conclusion: You should get one in case your electro-hopper malfunctions (better safe than sorry)

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