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Viewloader VL Revolution with X Board

By: Rex Inego | Jul 26, 2004 03:33 PM

For it's price, this electronic paintball hopper is very very good, and can feed paintballs as fast as any non-electronic marker can be fired.

The hopper is very stylish, and will look good on any paintball gun. However, it's quite big so may make you an easier target than if you had a normal hopper. The size of the hopper doesn't mean that it weighs down your gun, in fact it's actually quite light and doesn't affect the balance of the paintball marker at all.

The Viewloader VL Revolution can be upgraded to include a new elctronic padel system, which is easy to install, due to the hopper being in two pieces, screwed together.

This hopper fits snuggly onto my 2004 Autococker without the need for an elbow.

Pros: Fast enough for the speed in which you can fire your marker. Easy to upgrade, should you feel you need to. Fits nicely onto some markers without the need for an elbow. Simple on/off switch LED light to indicate low battery life. Strong lid which stays put when yuo are running along

cons: Hard to clean if you get paint inside the hopper, as you need to clean the padle too. Lid can be hard to open quickly when you are in a hurry, and you really have to push it down hard and snap it into place, and sometimes you may not have shut the lid propperly. Quite large, so makes you a bigger target Requires two square shaped batteries which are expensive to replace.

conclusion: Definately worth the money when you own a marker than is too fast for a gravity fead paintball hopper. A Variety of colours are available to suit your gun, but i recommend black which is the colour i own.

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