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Viewloader VLocity Electronic Loader

By: Rex Inego | Apr 17, 2009 04:50 AM

The smoke electronic paintball loader- Viewloader VLocity Electronic Loader is driven by an electronically controlled anti-jam propeller while allowing one to adjust the force that the loader places on the paintball. Adjustable from off and 7 divisions of force from low to high to allow the player to set the required force based on the type of paintball, it allows the player to maximise the out-of-the-gate speed without breaking them.

With aluminium and brass construction, it has a 5K Burst Disk and two set screws to remove bonnet for maintenance. With a total of 8 modes, the battery requirement is two 9v which is sold separately.

The propeller will mechanically overturn and reorganize once a block is detected using an exclusive dual vision system. With capacity of 200 ct paintballs and 48ci 3000psi compressed air-tank, 180 ball count capacity, 3-blade spring loaded paddle, giant mouth for quick and easy loading in tight spots, on / off switch with shield to reduce accidental activation and up-gradable software, it has 1 year manufacturers warranty!

Pros: Engineered with lightweight and extreme impact resistant polymer, it is the largest and lightweight loader on the market. High on superb delivery, it ensures complete price-to-performance values and thrill ensured is simply outstanding.

cons: Not known

conclusion: Excellent features like feed rate of up to 25 bps on the marker, freefall rate of 35 bps and adjustable select force technology, heightens the power of it.

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