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VL Evolution 2 with z board

By: Rex Inego | Nov 03, 2004 11:06 AM

Despite claims this hopper does about 16bps MAX. I have tested this using sound analysis.

It sits quite low and far back on the marker.

It is lighter than the halo, but heavier than the revvy.

Pros: Easier to take apart and clean than a halo but harder than a revvy. It is a bit more gentle on paint than a halo. Its fast enough for most people.

cons: This hopper BREAKS all the time. I see people alot with tape holding on their battery door or lid. This is because the hopper is made from very cheap materials. I wouldn't be suprised if the battery door cathes were made like that just so they would break more and you have to buy a whole new shell every time the battery door goes. Looks are an accquired taste.

conclusion: This hopper is a great backup to a halo. But it is nowhere near as fast and if you use it for any period of time it WILL break.

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