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Wahl Turbo Pro 1500W Hair Dryer

By: Chris Kevin | Apr 19, 2011 04:00 AM

Hair dryers are available in all shapes, sizes and features to suit the different hair styling needs of the users. The Wahl Turbo Pro 1500W Hair Dryer with professional quality components and smart features gives it user’s ultimate solution in hair drying and hair styling. This 1500W Hair Dryer is very powerful and offers instant drying results without damaging your hair. The Italian designed hair dryer is very stylish and handy. 

Pros: Equipped with a high-class rotary AC motor, the dryer offers exemplary heating results and lasts for longer. For individual heating needs, it comes with 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings. The featured air filter is easy to remove making your hair drying a breeze. For added safety, this hair dryer features a Secondary safety fuse. The addition of a 3 metre professional length cord offers extended reach to the power plug and does not restrict your use.

cons: Few might find this hair dryer very heavy.

conclusion: Wahl Turbo Pro 1500W Hair Dryer is easy to handle and use. The flexibility and convenience offered by this hair dryer is incomparable. The 1500W Hair Dryer offers smart and fast drying solutions to its users.

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