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Washing machine and its energy efficient ratings

By: Andrew Wilson | Sep 03, 2011 05:40 AM

Along with the several attributes and functionalities, energy efficiency rating and performance ratings are taken into account when a customer purchases a washing machine. Some people just go into the specifications as they are not familiar about the energy ratings of a device. On the other hand there are people who blindly select a device just because it is energy rated as ‘A’. You should know that the performance and reliability are not often depended on the energy efficient ratings. Nevertheless, every customer should understand the energy ratings of the washing machine. Energy labels of a washing machine depend upon the energy efficiency of the particular product. Generally, a product is energy rated A, B, C…G. A is given to the most energy efficient device while G is given to worst. It can be argued, that a B energy rated washing machine could be a better choice to ‘A’ considering its overall performance. Customer should know that the difference between ‘A’ rated and ‘B’ rated washing machine is considerably low and that shouldn’t manipulate your decision. For instance, if an ‘A’ rated washing machine that costs you more than the annual energy savings it offer, you should preferably go for a better alternative, a less expensive ‘B’ or ‘C’ energy rated washing machine. To really benefit from an energy efficient device, it should not only offer the highest energy efficient performance but should they should be priced same and engineered with the industry set standards. In that case, it becomes a challenging task to compare and choose the most cost saving washing machine. When you are comparing two same models of the same company, but with different energy rating, you can go for the one that is more energy efficient. Most of the devices now, including refrigerators all have ‘A’ energy ratings. Some devices that are more energy efficient that other ‘A’ rated devices try to add extensions to A energy efficiency rating, e.g. A+, A++, A+++ and so on. Buying a washing machine by only considering the energy efficiency is not wise as they could do more harm than good, to environment and to your pockets. Consider all the factors and products specification when choosing the washing machine, not just its energy efficiency rating.




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