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Washing Machine Tips for Coloured Clothes

By: Evabarnet | Sep 26, 2011 08:24 AM

Washing coloured clothes in washing machine is a bit tricky. Your clothes can get damaged if care is not taken. Some tips are given here to assist you in washing coloured clothes in washing machine. First of all, separate whites and coloured clothes. Clothes in pastel shades can be washed along with whites as they will not run. Dark-coloured clothes should be strictly separated from whites. Secondly, you can turn the coloured clothes so that the good side goes in. Fading of colour on the good side can be reduced and bleeding of fabric dye can be controlled, by this action. When washing coloured clothes which are new, immerse them in warm water mixed with ½ cup of clean white vinegar, for an hour. Often acid-based dyes are used in clothes, and vinegar will help to set the dye. If your clothes have berry-based dye on them, salt and water mixture will set the dye, so that the fabric does not bleed. The clothes should be soaked for a minimum of 1 hour. This is the third tip. Avoid using detergents with bleaches. Bleaches will make colours fade. A washer should do the cleaning without the help of bleach. The fourth tip to be remembered while you wash coloured clothes is this. Fifthly, wash colour clothes only in cold water. Hot water can prompt dyes to bleed. Cold water will help to set the dye. When the washing procedures are done, take your clothes out and hang it up for drying. The moisture content in the washed clothes may make the dye run, if they are left without drying. This is the sixth golden step. Finally, when drying clothes, ensure you do not hang whites and coloured ones nearby. Always hang the whites on one side of the line and coloured ones on the other. If you follow these tips, your whites will stay sparkling white and coloured clothes fresh and new.




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