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WGP 2004 Vert Feed Autococker

By: Rex Inego | Jul 26, 2004 04:00 PM

First of all, hats off to Planet Eclipse for getting this marker to me so quickly.

The 2004 vertical feed autococker is a stylish gun with chrome extras. The gun comes with bottom line with steel braided hose as standard, and a WGP barrel condom is also included in the price.

The gun comes ready to use out of the box and requires no tweaking to get it to run, however if you want the best air performance from it you will need to make adjustments using the alan key provided.

The trigger takes some getting used to and if you don't make full trigger pulls then the gun wont cock properly, will release another ball into the chamber and you will end up with a big mess in your barrel.

It is beause of this that I don't recommend this gun to total beginners to paintball, and also because there are quite a lot of moving parts, which means there is more chance of things going wrong later down the line if the gun is not cared for.

The marker seems to be pretty accurate straight out of the box, but the short barrel is something that definately could make use of an upgrade.

WGP is a well known brand and offer quality paintball guns.

Pros: Looks excellent and pneumatics are chrome. Accurate straight out of the box and runs on Co2 or Air. Very durable design Well balanced, and quite light compared to other paintball guns i've used. Feed neck fits almost all hoppers without the need for a plastic elbow. The hopper stays on nice and snug. You've got to love the back block flicking back and forth! Nice trigger as standard - it could be tweaked to be super light but its fine as it is. Fast rate of fire Cheap for what it does and its quality. Suitable for rec days and tournaments.

cons: Some may find it hard to use - the trigger needs a full pull or the gun wont cock itself. Marker requires maintenance after use to keep it running smoothly, which if you don't know how, can be quite a task. No pneumatics guard as standard, which makes it hard to clean if you get paint in between the 3-way and other parts.

conclusion: This is an excellent paintball gun that any player would be proud to own. However it requires maintenance to keep it running sweetly. There are a ton of upgrades available for it and you can spend a fortune on these, but that is what i love about the gun. So far i'm very impressed with it, I've had it for about 2 months now.

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