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Whirlpool AD50J Dehumidifier

By: Chris Kevin | May 16, 2011 04:56 AM

The sudden changes in climatic conditions or higher humidity levels in the atmosphere may adversely affect the allergy sufferers and asthmatic patients. Whirlpool AD50J Dehumidifier with compact dimensions and excellent energy efficient features arrests the higher moisture levels to offer breathable and comfortable living space. Equipped with retro AccuDry system ideal for drying the clothes as well and automatic deicer this appliance with 2 speed fan settings is unique in every aspect. This dehumidifier has front removable easy-empty bucket for convenience and bucket full indicator to alert one of the maximum levels. Features like adjustable humidistat for precise settings; direct drain hose connection for hands-free performance and adjustable water level control in bucket heightens the viability of it for use in high humidity areas like coastal regions. The features provided are well thought of and easier to set and cleaning it too is immensely easier. A great addition in every home and especially useful in high-monsoon areas this compact and powerful AD50J offers the best value for price appliance. It can be installed in any required spaces without the hassles of space constrictions and the performance ensured is commendable. Whirlpool AD50J 2 Speed Dehumidifier with rust resistant steel cabinet has rounded styling for easier maintenance.

General Info
Brand Whirlpool
Model Whirlpool AD50J Dehumidifier
Electronic control panel Yes
Water level indicator Yes
Continuous drainage option Yes
Water tank full indicator Yes
Built in adjustable humidistat Yes
Variable fan speed settings Yes
Cloths drying feature Yes
Rustproof container Yes
Rust-resistant cabinet Yes




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