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Whistler DE-1734 Radar Detector

By: Chris Kevin | May 06, 2011 01:31 AM

Whistler has launched a brilliant radar detector for their European customers. The Whistler DE-1734 Radar Detector is one of the pleasant models now available in the markets. This advanced model protects your car from all types of laser guns now using in cop’s cars. Carefully designed this radar detector is a wonderful combination of technology and style. You can fix this gadget in your car for ease of use. The signal provided by this stunning model will be clear and accurate. It detects X, K, Ka & Super Wide Ka bands and enables instant-on pulse detection for better safety. Carried out with numerical indicators, the system shows strength of the detected signals. This user-friendly radar detector works in city (3) / highway modes. Auto and manual muting enabled in the system allows user to avoid unwanted alerts during city mode where detection of false bands are comparatively higher in number. The featured VG-2 system of the gadget will help you to escape from the eyes of radar detector detectors as well. Likewise, integrated volume control, self-test, vehicle battery saver, SWS™) alert etc incorporated in this new radar detector makes it unique as well as handy. Whistler DE-1734 Instant-On Radar Detector is a user-friendly model designed for performance conscious users out there. It will keep you safe from all types of laser guns by enabling 360o protection all over the way.

General info
Brand Whistler
Model Whistler DE-1734 Radar Detector
Detection bands X, K, Ka, and Super Wideband Ka
360o protection Yes
Instant-on (pulse) detection Yes
VG-2 undetectable Yes
Signal strength indicator Numerical
Muting Auto/manual




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