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Whistler SRT-35R Radar Detector

By: Amelia Janet | Mar 12, 2011 01:42 AM

Whistler comes with an advanced model of radar detecting system. The new Whistler SRT-35R Radar Detector is a light weight model deigned to use in motor vehicles for easy and safe driving. This advanced device has enhanced signal detection capability and it provides reliable signal outputs to the users. It is capable to detect all kinds of laser bands including X, K, Ka and super wide Ka band. Advanced technology enabled in this latest system will protect you fro the eyes of the cops and safety cameras o the calculated routes. It is capable to keep the users away from all types of laser guns now using in cops cars. User can select the mode of operation. It features city and highway modes for convenient use. If the device is working in city mode, you can use mute to avoid unwanted alerts. Security systems of shops near the roads are the reasons for these fake alerts in city mode. Front / rear detection areas are enabled in this Whistler radar detector for safe usage. One of the main benefits of this user friendly device is that it caters VG-2 alert system which hides your car from the vehicles using radar detector detectors. Whistler SRT-35R VG-2 Radar Detector is a classy model with all advanced safety features and improved signal reception system. This praiseworthy mode is available with one year manufacturing warranty.

General info
Brand Whistler
Model Whistler SRT-35R Radar Detector
Detection area Front / rear
Detection modes City / Highway modes
Detection bands X Band, K Band, Ka Band, Laser, Ka Super Wideband
VG-2 Alert Yes
Mute Yes
Warranty 1 year




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