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Wii Opera Browser (Wii)

By: Rex Inego | May 16, 2007 06:32 PM

The new Wii Opera browser is the Wii's way of getting onto the internet.

You can view flash websites, e.g. YouTube.

Unlike the older version of the Wii Internet Channel, you can easily access thenew web address page, which is particularly helpful. There are also now a number of Wii-only websites that you can play games o, and there is also a way to get Wii Tabbed Browsing- just type in wiiminder.com into your Wii and tabbed browsing is all yours.

Pros: The new version is a lot easie to use from the older version, there are new buttons on the bottom, and it a lot quicker loading up. It is flash supported also,as i have said, so you can play on sites like Wiicade whenever you want. Its free, but only until the end of June, and from then it wil cost 500 Points. Not worth it...

cons: It does take forever to type though. using the Wii Remote just gets you annoyed that you cant type quicker, so there definatly needs to be a keyboard. It also sucks up your Wii memory, it takes up mote than 200 blocks of your precious Wii memory. It is also basic, it is nothing compared to going on the internet on your PC.

conclusion: It is a good thing to get for free, but when you have to pay for it, dont even bother. Its fat too basic, and to get on it you need a PC to be on, so just use that.

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