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Wii Opera Browser (Wii)

By: Rex Inego | May 11, 2007 07:15 PM

Right i know this has already been reviewed by me but that was the trial version and the new full version has been released recentley and a few decent updates were added.

The Homepage has been changed now and i think it looks alot uglier than the original but who cares thats just the homepage the point of the channel is to be able to surf the net on your wii.
The Search feature has been added and when you first use it you have the choice of using google or yahoo (i choose google) and its really useful just like the google/yahoo toolbar you can get on the computer browsers.
Another very useful tool is the insert website button on the toolbar now this is very good. also the toolbar goes down with lack of use like on the photo channel. some problems with it like no tabs and things but it will do and is far better than the browsers on any other console.

Pros: The Toolbar Update The New Search Button

cons: No tabs like everyone expected is a real blow hopefully an update will sort this out and still no compatibility

conclusion: The Browser Went through a good update but it was not good enough and i advise you take advantage of having it for free because i dont think its worth the 500 points it will be. its an update but its not what we wanted. we wanted tabs we wanted better flash compatibility but we just didnt get it. at least we can look forward to the future with the updates we hope to get. this is still the Trial version with things we didnt want so im going to give it a lower percentage for not providing us with what we want

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