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Wii Remote Silicon Glove (Wii)

By: Rex Inego | Sep 03, 2007 11:50 PM

I bought these to protect my wii remote from being free from dust, sweat and grease. It is easy to slip on and slip off, but it can get annoying if you need to sync your controller or try different batteries. They came with wii straps too so if you old strap looks old or is dirty you can change them with these. When i took the cover off after a few days it was covered with dust underneath, so for some reason it wasn't doing it's job. It is great for wii sports or other games which make you sweat alot. It protects the controller from sweat, and it also keeps a good grip with your hand. The cases can sometimes move around while playing games which gets annoying as it can cover the buttons. The cover moulds around the remote so it comes on and off easier. It can be wiped clean easily.

Pros: -It can protect your controller from grease, sweat and anything else. - Comes on and off easily. - Gives you a good grip.

cons: - Dust can get in. -Taking it on and off is annoying. - quite expensive.

conclusion: Overall you should look for a good price in the shops, because 10 is quite alot for a bit of rubber. It is good for keeping the controller clean but lets dust in around the buttons. Taking it off and on to change batteries can get annoying, but it will keep it clean from people eating snacks and playing at the same time.

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