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Wii Remote (Wii)

By: Rex Inego | Jan 07, 2007 11:14 AM

The Wii controller is a revolution. Everybody is raving about it. The next generation of consoles (and perhaps even updates to the PS3 and XBOX360?) will sport similar controllers. But the controller does have a couple of minor weakpoints:

1) the pointing function (e.g. shooting) needs you to point it almost directly at the screen. It's quite common to see people, especially new users, ''lose'' the pointer because they are not pointing directly at the TV screen.
2) games that require you to hold the controller sideways like a steering wheel aren't as sensitive, because the infrared receiver on the controller can't ''see'' the sensor bar.
3) the nunchuk isn't detected in as much detail as the Wii controller itself (the nunchuk doesn't ''see'' the sensor bar). This shows on games like Wii sports boxing, where you have less control over your left hand than your right.

Pros: Motion sensors Simple everyone can use it bundled with safety strap

cons: absorbs battery power at the speed of light. i highly advise you either get top of the range batteries or rechargables

conclusion: Whats a wii without a second remote or manybe even fourth remote. to get the most out of your wii you need to play multiplayer. the price on theese remotes are not the best as nunchucks are 15 pounds aswell so your pay ã45 for the set up but with all the technology and fun you get out of it its worth it

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