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Wii Remote (Wii)

By: Rex Inego | May 08, 2007 05:24 PM

The Wii Remotes (in my opinion) are one of the greatest things ever made. Its just so...clever. There are a total of 8 buttons on the little thing, which are:
The power button, B (trigger button), A, D-pad, -, +, 1 and 2. There are also 4 little LED lights that flash when you are about to play on the Wii and they are used to determine what player you are for the game.

The A button is also made out of a plastic that you can see staright through, which looks extremely good.

Pros: It is just the right weight- not too heavy, not too light- just right. It is also farily small, but not so small that older people wont be able to use it. The B button is also in a very good place, it is extremely useful for shooting game, e.g. Red Steel. The pointing device is always very accurate too, unless it need configuring, which i havent needed to do yet. It also includes rumble, so say if you were playing Excite Truck and you crashed, the remote would rumble. One other small point to make that there is now a Power Station, and that is better to use than batteries! Just to say somehthing more...it also has a speaker! When you thought it could get no better...

cons: Well, if you dont have a power station, you will be powering through batteries like a cheetah running for a gazelle. They dont use up all the power in one day, if you go on it for at least 5 hours every day then you can epect to be handing out a lot of your hard-earned cash for batteries.

conclusion: The Wii Remote is a very clever thing, it can do so many thkngs, the motion sensors, the pointing device and many more. It even has internal memory where you can store your own Miis so you can take your remote to a mates house and still play with your own Miis!

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