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Wii SD Card (Wii)

By: Rex Inego | Jan 07, 2007 06:29 PM

This is used in the SD card slot in the flap at the front of the nintendo wii console. you can use it to play mp3s, photos, and movies from the little card. the nintendo wii version is overpriced because yes u guest it its for a nintendo wii. its still an SD card and is confirmed to be compatible. you can grab yourself a wii compatible sd card for the wii for a 10 off ebay at the same size.

Pros: Confirmed compatibility apeals to high street shoppers

cons: Rip off for what itis

conclusion: i really dont think you guys should buy this if you are buying from the internet you can find sd cards worth no more than a book for dummies and this card can hold about 350 mp3 or one hell of a lot of photos the nintendo wii one is created by san-disk and theese tend to be more expensive due to great service and the most well know distributor but even theese u can pick up for a tenner cheers tim

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