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Will Intelís Ultrabook capture 40% market share

By: Amelia Janet | Oct 14, 2011 03:32 AM

It was in May that Intel launched its innovative Ultrabook model of laptops. The company optimistically proclaimed that this new model would certainly capture 40% of the market share in 2012. Deron Kershaw, analyst of Gap Intelligence feels that this dream may not materialize as Intel is keeping its hopes too high. There is no doubt about the fact that Intel has big ideas for Ultrabook as they hope this laptop is going to capture 40% of the market within one year that is not easily going to materialize. Acer and Asus who are Intelís major supporters are beginning to pull out which means they cannot expect anything greater than twenty percent. Kershaw is of the opinion that production may not be as speedy as desired in the initial stages. This implies that price of the ultra thin and ultra light model of this laptop may be quite higher than estimated which can be a major put off for buyers. All the important components that comprise of the chassis made of metal, processor, batteries and the slim frame make it a bit costly and tough to hike up production. However when they begin production on a large scale basis with the launch of Intelís Ivy Bridge, prices will come down considerably. This is Kershawís opinion since the Taiwan based Asus is alleged to be launching four innovative Ultrabook versions within a weekís time in the US. They are going to range between GBP 642.78 and GBP 964.50. The cheaper version will have an 11.6 inch screen, a 128 GB solid-state drive and Core i5 Intel Sandy Bridge Processor. The costlier version comes with a 13.3 inch screen, a 256 GB solid-state drive and a Core i7chip. Acer which is yet another Taiwan based company is also rumoured to be launching a variety of Ultrabooks with prices beginning from GBP 578.44. Many other companies like Dell and Sony have decided to wait for one more year before they begin to launch their Ultrabooks into the market. They are supposed to be holding back for the launch of the innovative Ivy Bridge Chip that is claimed to set forth a better performance compared to the Sandy Bridge chip that is presently in use. Their grounds for delaying hold water, although this decision will only lower the chances of Intel capturing forty percent of the market share.




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