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Wilson Aussie Open Tennis Balls

By: Rex Inego | Jun 08, 2009 08:51 AM

Designed for all tough courts across the globe, Wilson Aussie Open Tennis Balls are made use in 2 chief tournaments (tennis), Davis Cup as well as above 70 events (WTA & ATP).

In the year 2006, these tennis balls were deemed the official ball of Australian Open. Apart from that, Wilson was the one and only brand granted the status of official ball of 2 among the chief 4 tournaments.

Pros: The tennis balls approved by ITF and rated 9, these balls made way for the manufacturer to be deemed the prime leader in developing high quality balls. Wilson have manufactured these balls taking into consideration, the various demanding needs of chief tournaments like the Australian open and US Open making them highly reliable and durable.

cons: No.

conclusion: The balls ideal for chief tournaments, these are made out of high quality materials bringing durability and performance thereby increasing the power of games.

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