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‘Windows 8’ to have excellent features and easy ‘set up’

By: Chris Kevin | Nov 24, 2011 11:01 AM

The improved set up of ‘Windows 8’ will result in saving installation time. The set up was truly reliable in ‘Windows 7’. But in Windows 8 speed and performance were given importance apart from reliability, says Microsoft. Measures have been taken to ensure that the operating system does not consume too many resources and that it does not require large computers to operate on. This will mean that Windows 7 users and even XP and Vista users will be able to upgrade to Windows 8 with little difficulty. During the research and development of W8, Microsoft engineers wondered why the users were reluctant to upgrade to Windows 8. They realized that it was mainly due to the difficulty in doing the set up. Some users wanted installation to be quick and easy, but the technically savvy persons want to have knowledge about more complicated installations like installing from networks, multi-boot installation etc. as necessary for the different needs. The Microsoft engineers knew that these options are necessary. However they could not imagine the requirements of the technically sound personnel. In view of this, Microsoft was not in favour of a super advanced set up option. Instead they added more tools to the Windows 7 installation kit. Even more tools are included in the ‘Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit’. The kit can be downloaded from relevant websites by Microsoft Developer Networks subscribers. In the case of those who are not technically sound, the engineers decided to have two groups – one with those who want to install using Graphical user Interface (GUI) and the other group consisting of those who want to install through command line. Microsoft has also noted that nowadays a very few want an installation through a DVD with the software. Most users favour online iinstallation. W8 online installation ensures compatibility. If at all there is any break during the installation due to any external fault, the installation can be restarted from the point of interruption. There is facility for scanning as well before installation. That will give an idea as to which of the devices or hardware are compatible with the operating system. On the whole, W8 will suit all, weather technically advanced or not. It also provides better set up experience for all.




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